Case Study

U.S. Bureau of the Fiscal Service

The U. S. Bureau of the Fiscal Service sought to update their CRM System, which facilitates the customer experience by enabling the Bureau to obtain a single view of customer interactions across all business lines. While their legacy system was functional, it required updates and cross-line data integration to allow them to reach their fully potential.

Southpoint assisted the Bureau in centralizing federal agency and state customer accounts, contact information, customer meetings and conference information, customer product and service utilization information, and customer case management for several departments. Our consultants also developed robust customer information reports and dashboards while tracking, managing, and sharing information from a customer perspective and improving collaboration across business lines.

Southpoint designed and implemented a solution that enabled the team to replace their manual processes and spreadsheets and begin using a more collaborative solution with robust reporting capabilities.

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

The Southpoint approach

Legacy Tool Overhaul

By implementing a phased approach, Southpoint automated several business processes in the Salesforce system, aligning them to specific needs of each business line within the organization and enterprise objectives. This allowed for a smoother change management process for the customer to see the value through reporting and time changes as well as the impact of their implementation as early as possible. Our Salesforce Consultants' new configuration for the OneVoice CRM Salesforce instance allowed Fiscal Service to manage simple, effective onboarding for its customers and provided complete transparency and real-time status for leadership and team members.

CRM 360 view

Enabled a centralized view of Fiscal Service customers for streamlined data management processes

Lightning Migration

Updated custom UI to function with Lightning UI and facilitated conversion of the custom UI to the new Lightning system

Process Automation

Automated online application process for several business lines, reducing application processing time

Improved Workflow

Southpoint automated and streamlined key workflows, including a 20-page customer application for submitting requests. By implementing a multi-level approval process within OneVoice CRM Southpoint was able to improve the visibility into the request status section of the ticket, a needed functionality for effective project management. We also developed a tool within four weeks to manage internal IT and security projects, replacing a cumbersome legacy tool with a more intuitive system.

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